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Gaza doctors deliver baby after mother dies

Amongst death, there is life. With a drastically rising death toll, there is an unlikely survivor. God bless the Gaza doctors who performed an emergency cesarean to save this baby after her mother was killed.

A beautiful tragedy - her mother never saw her, never held her, not once. 

I was so upset when I posted about this (both simultaneously heart-wrenching and heart-warming) story yesterday and the fact that it got no more than 2 paragraphs worth of mention. I’m glad Al Jazeera followed up on the story. Seriously, God bless the doctors. I’ll repeat what I said then: let it sink in for a moment, that because of Israel there are kids who will grow up with their mother having died before they were even born. Kids who will never be held by their mother, who’ve never heard their mothers voice because of Israeli missiles - who will carry the scars of being born into the world a survivor, among the rubble of their own house, with their mother already dead.


Vital water supplies to more than a million people in Gaza have been disrupted by ongoing airstrikes. Many thousands have no clean drinking water or even the most basic sanitation - both are essential to life.

We’re there with local teams on the ground and we’re providing water and sanitation right now. But there’s so much more we need to do and so many more people we need to help.

Please donate now to our response to save lives:

Fundraiser: in loving memory of Nagib Chamon…

My grandpa (father’s side) had recently passed away from cardiac arrest… His family is trying to raise money in his loving memory… Please show your support! Invite all your friends!

Nagib Chamon was a civil engineer who helped with a lot of projects to change the world. He was a great man—a loving husband, father, and grandfather. He donated a lot of money to a myriad charities, and he helped many people out of poverty. He left big shoes to fill in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He will be greatly missed, and we will always remember his love, care, and selflessness for the world.Now my grandma lives alone with her maid… The money donated here will go to her and the funeral service… R.I.P., Grandpa. Te amo muito. ♥

Every penny counts. Thanks in advance for all of your support. Here are the links to donate:

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